Let's Earn Your Trust

We're here to save you time

and attract more leads

We're here to save you time and attract more leads

Movy Media is a Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in the Human-To-Human (H2H) business. Human-to-human is precisely what you think it is. It’s the concept that behind every business and consumer is a human with a unique story, life, and passion for whatever it is they do.

People do business with people they like. We help service companies differentiate themselves by building a digital presence that conveys their expertise and speaks directly to their target audience.

Let’s start saving you time and convert more leads into paying customers.

Let's Partner Up

If you run a service-based business, you understand the challenge of managing every aspect of your website. Maybe you’ve tried some do-it-yourself solutions that never quite worked or looked right. Maybe you’ve spent too much time with technical issues instead of running your business. Whatever the case, we’re your partner in building and managing your online presence so that you can focus on delivering an amazing service.

We earn your trust

Your project will receive the care and attention it deserves. We work with a limited amount of clients per quarter to ensure our energy is hyper-focused on making measurable improvements to your business. We listen carefully, follow through on our promises, and remain transparent every step of the way. No matter what, we take the time to get to know your business and your goals. If we’re unsure if we can meet the needs of your business, we’ll simply tell you during our initial discussion.

We look to the future

We’re strong believers in solutions that provide a strong foundation for years to come. We’ll make sure you have a secure and stable platform that can scale and grow along with your business.

We take a proactive, not reactive approach

Every facet of our business is positioned on a proactive, not reactive approach, from our onboarding process to support. Never waste another day dealing with website issues or integrity. We are monitoring and silently working in the background to ensure your site is always working hard for your business

Meet The Owner

Portrait of the owner Cevan Long

Cevan Long
Owner & Lead Designer

I’ve loved creating things for as long as I can remember. The first video I made was in 2006 when I was 11, when digital cameras became mainstream. Fast forward to 2012, when I launched my first website, a video game guide and discussion board called Gamers Vault. Both creations marked an ‘Aha’ moment in my life, which set forth a lifelong journey and passion for creating websites and videos.

I’m the type of guy who made a website to ask my date out to senior prom back in 2013. Guess what? It worked, and we’re still together to this day. Here’s my point: I’ve been continuously evolving a very particular skill set since I was a teenager, creating professional videos and conversion-focused websites.

I’ve worked across many service industries, from construction firms and auto detailers to tourism and bakeries. Many of them have remained clients of mine for years, not because they are locked in but because they found the value to be a no-brainer.

After receiving my MBA from the University of Rhode Island, I began building the structure and processes for Movy Media, officially launching in 2019. Our core principle is that if we approach every business with empathy, transparency, and value, we will deliver personalized solutions that transform your digital presence into a tool that saves you time and makes your business more money.

I’d love to talk with you about your service business and see how I can help.

How can we help your business succeed online?

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